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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

Chris Arsenault

Even though Chris only picked up the Guitar later in life, there was always music in his life.  As a young child he remembers countless vinyl records of such artists as The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Carpenters, The Eagles being played over and over... and Chris absorbed all that he heard.  While singing along with these artists, Chris would attempt to learn each part of the harmonies as well as the lyrics, giving him an ear for how to make 2 or more voices blend so well!

  When asked what attracts you mostly to music, Chris responded "The concept of Music is amazing!  Music, in it's nature, is logical, mathmatical, and scientific... all things that interest me in my own life.  But on another side, Music is emotion, artistic expresssion, ways to communicate your most inner thoughts and feelings.  It's something that can be done it a large room with many people around, or quietly in a place you go to be alone... music brings out best parts of humanity"

Marc Brunet

I seriously enjoy being part of a band, percussionist enthusiast in a constant evolution of enjoyment. Inspired by the warm rhythms of Santana, Peter Gabriel and African Blues. I play my drums with heart and passion.


"Life is all about enjoying your present moment"


Marc B. Brunet



Todd Gallant

For the past 30 years, Todd has played in various band throughout the Maritimes provinces.  Todd’s first instrument of choice was the guitar. However, soon after he noticed his twin brother Tim was excelling on the guitar, Todd decided to pick up the drums.  This allowed the twins during those early years to play together and learn some of the basic fundamental of improvisation and music dynamics.   Years later, Todd picked up the guitar again and started to sing.  Todd continues to play drums with a local band, Kim Albert and Faces, but also enjoys the challenges and inspiration that occurs when you use your own voice for music expression. 

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